Phone: 508-221-4681 provides following services to individuals and business:

  • Preventive Computer Servicing and Maintenance – CCTS provides annual computer health checkup, diagnostics and repairs to your computer or network.

  • Computer Technical Support – CCTS provides technical support for all your computer needs –Software Installation, Memory upgrades, Hard Drive upgrades, Printer issues, Desktop repairs, Laptop repairs, Server repairs and configurations.

  • Virus Cleaning – CCTS provides full Virus Cleaning service to your infected computers. We can clean your computer of any viruses, spy-ware, mal-ware or any other infection.

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Planning and Wiring – CCTS provides full network setup consultation and wiring services to meet your network needs.

  • Small Office Local Area Network (LAN) Setup – CCTS will configure your routers and switches, and setup a secured LAN for your home or small office. We can set up your file, exchange, and backup servers for you.

  • Wireless Network Setup – CCTS provides wireless network setup and service for your home or small office.

  • Surveillance Camera Network – CCTS can setup surveillance camera network for your home or office. Full Service includes planning, wiring and DVR setup. You can view your cameras from any computer, anywhere in the world – all you need is a internet connection.

  • Web-Site building and support – CCTS can build a new web-site for your business and/or provide support to your existing site. We can help you with web-site planning, building, hosting and maintenience.

  • Search Engine Optimization for Google – CCTS can optimize your web-site for search engines so you get better Google Ranking.

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